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The Jere Beasley Report, August 2005


NAP policy claims lead to federal scrutiny of Wiregrass farmers

By William White | May 29, 2018

A federal spotlight has been placed on the Wiregrass area due to farmer’s filing an unusually high number of claims for a little known federal assistance program.  The program in question is called the “Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program”, or the “NAP program” for short. This is a federal program administered by the Farm Service…

7 Reasons People Talk To The Police – And Why You Shouldn’t

By William White | April 26, 2018

Often, one of our first encounters with a potential client involves them telling us that the police want to talk to them. What should they do? Thankfully, they’ve gotten in touch with us before making a big mistake. What do we tell those people (and are now telling you at no charge)? If you think…

Represent yourself? Don’t be a fool.

By William White | April 25, 2018

Abraham Lincoln once said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” President Lincoln was an attorney first, and felt no one (including an attorney) should represent themselves in a court case. History tells us that Honest Abe didn’t originate this idea, which appeared in writings as early as 1814 by the lesser…

3 Questions To Ask: How To Hire The Right Attorney For YOUR Case

By William White | April 25, 2018

If you are the suspect in a criminal investigation, you probably want to find the best attorney you can afford. But how do you do that? First, you have to narrow down the attorneys that you want to interview. There are thousands of criminal defense attorneys, and you simply don’t have time to meet with…

Reasons You Should Form an Estate Plan

By William White | April 25, 2018

Every individual, regardless of age or financial status, should consult an estate planning attorney to determine what happens upon their passing. The purpose of this plan is to anticipate and arrange for the disposal of assets in an organized manner. Often, questions arise concerning probate, and inadequate tax planning leaves heirs with a bill they…

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