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Todd Henderson dedicated his life to serving his community and fellow man. A 30-year resident of Jefferson County, Mr. Henderson, also an Eagle Scout, served in law enforcement both at the state and federal level for more than a decade.

Mr. Henderson has served as a defense lawyer for the last 15 years, fighting to provide fair representation and protect ing the rights of those accused of crimes. He promoted respect for law and the Constitution for more than half of a century and he upholds service, sacrifice, and commitment to Jefferson County. Recently, the people of Jefferson County elected Mr. Henderson to serve as their District Attorney. Mr. Henderson is the first Democrat elected to that office in over 30 years.

Under Alabama law, an indictment prevents one from carrying out the duties of the position of the District Attorney regardless of the facts giving rise to that indictment. This indictment, and its legal effect, is not only an injustice and disservice to Mr. Henderson, but also to the citizens of Jefferson County and the State of Alabama.

The timing of this indictment is strange. At 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, seconds after Martin Luther King Jr. Day comes to an end, Mr. Henderson is set to begin work as Jefferson County’s new District Attorney. However, mere days before that should happen, the Attorney General’s office convened a grand jury that returned an indictment thereby preventing Mr. Henderson from setting foot in office.

The Attorney General’s office in Montgomery seized the democratic process with this indictment. They decided that votes don’t matter. They decided to take democracy out of Jefferson County. It’ s a perversion of process that cannot and will not stand. The power of a few should not quell the will of the majority.

The charges in the case are false. Mr. Henderson cannot wait to get into court and start fighting this injustice. If we could start trial tomorrow, we would. We call on Luther Strange and his office to do the right thing and bring this case to trial as quickly as possible so that the truth can be heard. Dragging out this process-denying Mr. Henderson the right to take office because of a pending indictment- is nothing short of oppression because it denies the clear will of the people. The sooner we have a trial, the sooner Mr. Henderson will be acquitted, which will ensure the people’s vote and democracy return to Jefferson County.

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